Cayman Kitchen Band Music

Cayman Islands Kitchen Band Music developed out of the impromptu dances and celebrations which would strike up around an outdoor kitchen built with a thatch roof and sand floor known back then as a “caboose”. Musicians, usually led by a fiddler would soon join the fun and a “kitchen dance” or “sand dance” would be in full swing. During its peak, every district in the Cayman Islands had multiple fiddlers! Caymanians are extremely proud to call kitchen band music their very own.

History Of Kitchen Band Music

An Island’s Story: told through the music of Julia Hydes
By Michael Klein – December 1, 2010

Part I:
The music of Julia Hydes

We continue our series with part two of Natasha Kozaily’s thesis for her BA in Music, focusing on the music of Julia Hydes.

Historical context
The written history of Cayman’s folk music is virtually non-existent. Because of this remote past, we can only speculate and theorise about the history of Caymanian music by examining oral history and the musical past of other English-speaking Caribbean Islands. The purpose of this chapter is to equip readers with a basic knowledge of Caymanian Folk Music and to provide a context from which the detailed work of this project stems.

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